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Building Trust by Improving Governance: Searching for a Feasible Way for Developing Countries

PAQ, Vol. 34 No. 3, (2010)

Governability depends on governance, and governance is important for the development of trust and confidence. Donors can assist developing countries in their further development, but each country should feel they have ownership, and in doing so they can have further sustainable development. Building trust is not an easy task in any country, and it is more difficult in developing countries. Developing countries have more constraints than advanced countries and therefore cannot do everything; they must select a few things which need doing, which can be achieved, and concentrate on them. Governments can learn a lot by looking at what works and what does not in other settings such as advanced countries. The idealistic approach might be informative for developing countries, but it is unlikely to work well, so the alternative is the good enough approach which is more feasible, or doable, or relevant for developing countries. Therefore, this article proposes to utilize a “middle ground” between the reality and the ideal for the realistic development of developing countries, emphasizing the need of the ladder to climb up for developing countries.

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