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Are State Government Workers Satisfied with their Jobs when the Organization is Effective?

PAQ, Vol. 35 No. 1, (2011)

Although job satisfaction is the most studied facet of organizational behavior, the association between organizational effectiveness and satisfaction is seldom studied. As a result, this article examined the relationship between job satisfaction and a measure for organizational effectiveness, perceived agency goal attainment (PAGA), while controlling for other important mitigating factors such as public service motivation, role ambiguity, and position in the organization. In order to accomplish this, a model that examined the association between job satisfaction and PAGA was introduced. This model was then tested on state government workers in a large state. The findings indicated that PAGA is positively associated with job satisfaction, implying employees want their organization to achieve its mission and, when it does, organizational effectiveness serves as an intrinsic incentive that can improve job satisfaction. Therefore, an effective government agency is not only a benefit to society, but to its employees as well.

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