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Resilient Governance: A Series on Public Sector Values

PAQ, Vol. 36 No. 1, (2012)

Government, in its broadest sense, exists to manage problems that resist being solved by the marketplace or another system within a society. Good government, that is, creates a resiliency in a society that insulates against inevitable failures in markets and other social structures. This new series will provide brief but lively essays for each issue of Public Administration Quarterly to generate positive dialogue on a specific value or value-related concern; thereby shedding light on challenging issues that otherwise might be overlooked. The implicit argument is that Public Servants do best if they recognize and respond to values-related issues to retain a vibrant and stable American society. At the same time the series recognizes the role of modern public servants as discrete actors within potentially complex patterns of governance, rather than assuming government can and will dictate and implement solutions.
The new series intends to discuss, describe and delineate values we espouse, values we support through our actions, and how to narrow the gap between our aspirations and their realization. Value discussions may include the situation in its absence. For example, some of the first essays will respond to the challenges of incivility, inequality, and ideological fervor (the absence of tolerance) in creating a resilient society. Demonstrating how resilient governance incorporates more than efficiency and cost-effectiveness as core values is another critical output of this series.

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