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PPPs: Inter-Actor Relationships. Two Cases of Home-Based Care Services in China

PAQ, Vol. 36 No. 2, (2012)

The rise and increasing popularity of Public-Private Partnerships (PPPs) is largely credited to their ability to make up for such defects as insufficient government funds, lack of professional skills, and limited capacity to integrate resources. Existing studies have addressed many issues, including institutional arrangements, financing methods and cooperative relations in the provision of public services by PPPs, and even have touched upon the quality of contract management. They have failed to carry out in-depth discussions of the inter-actor relationships in PPPs, or to reach any consensus on this issue, however. Therefore, this paper focuses on the inter-actor relationships in the operation of PPPs and points out that the ideal type of inter-actor relationship in PPPs requires regulation of the partnerships and the compliance with principles to facilitate the establishment of the partnerships. By examining and comparing two PPPs cases in China, this paper attempts to validate the above-stated principles and determine the differences in applying these principles in the cases, in order to improve theory and provide experiences as educational examples for other developing countries.

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