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Single Article: Diversity Management Practices and Understanding their Adoption: Examining Local Governments in North Carolina

PAQ, Vol. 36 No. 3, (2012)

This study examined how local governments have responded to diversity management issues such as recruiting, hiring and retaining diverse workforces, focusing on adopted diversity management practices. Specifically, we tried to identify what diversity management practices were more frequently adopted among local governments and what were driving forces for paying attention to diversity management issues by surveying local governments in North Carolina. According to our findings, more diversity management practices were adopted by local governments when populations became larger and more diverse in races. Some practices were more popular than others among local governments, depending on the level of attention to diversity management issues. We also found that when local government managers had concerns about diversity management issues regardless of their personal backgrounds, local government tended to adopt more diversity management practices. In sum, the findings in this study can be used as a benchmarking guideline by local governments and help them make more informed decisions when they face diversity management issues.

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