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E-Government and E-Governance Best Practices in Cities and Countries Compared between 2003 And 2012: Fad or Diffused Innovation?

PAQ, Vol. 40 No. 4, (2016)

By examining evaluations of worldwide city and country Websites from 2003 to 2012, this study compares their digitized government performance. Defined as dual variables, digitized government represents e-government services and e-governance collaboration. For each jurisdiction, this time-series assessment determines whether the innovation is developing linearly (in stages) or diffusing (leveling off) over time. The results are bifurcated. They convey that diffusion is occurring among worldwide municipal government Websites for both e-government and e-governance. The country findings, however, are inconsistent. The discussion explains the findings by applying a well- known four-fold typology of information technology (IT) and social change to them. The conclusions affirm digitized government’s multidimensional qualities.

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