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Positioning Strategies of Indian Nonprofit Organizations for Grant Acquisition

Debadutta Kumar Panda
PAQ, Vol. 45 No. 4, 338-369 (2021)

This study examines (1) how grant-seeking nonprofit organizations (NPOs) position themselves and (2) whether the positioning of NPOs has any connection with their grant acquisition. A content analysis of 100 websites of Indian NPOs (phase 1) helped in generating 9 hypotheses. Furthermore, 380 websites of Indian NPOs were studied using a statistical model (phase 2). NPOs were found with two different positioning strategies: (1) reliability positioning and (2) customer orientation positioning. The reliability positioning elements were recognition, transparency, collaboration, and resources. The customer orientation positioning elements were length of service, geographic spread, service variety, depth of service, and service impact. Recognition, transparency, collaboration, resources, and service variety positively and significantly influenced NPOs’ grant acquisition, and length of service and geographic spread negatively and significantly influenced NPOs’ grant acquisition.
Keywords: Positioning strategy, nonprofit organizations, grant acquisition, India

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