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Innovations In Local Government Human Resource Systems: Observations From Several Best Practice Locations

PAQ, Vol. 27 No. 4, (2004)

The search for optimal means of accomplishing various public management
tasks has long pervaded the thought and practice of public
administration. This study represents an up-close look at several local
jurisdictions--cities and counties--that are recognized leaders in reforming
their human resources systems. The specific reforms discussed
touch upon almost all elements of any government's personnel system
including recruitment, selection, employee motivation (retention), training,
and development. Some of the most significant conclusions of the
research resonate from the prominence of various "reinvention" themes
in the jurisdictions' reform agendas. Relatedly, the study offers proof
that there are many examples of human resource management innovations
that might be readily transported into other settings. Another
significant conclusion of the site visits is that the process by which
reform is introduced may well be as important as the substance of the
innovations themselves.

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