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Strengthening the University-Public Sector Partnership: Giving Credit Where Credit is Due

PAQ, Vol. 28 No. 3, (2004)

This paper examines the relationship between Certified Public
Manager (CPM) programs offered through state governments and
university public administration programs. In particular, it analyzes
how university credit is offered for completion of management
development training received in CPM programs. The collaboration
between state training agencies and universities has been shown to
benefit both parties, and the respective curricula can be complementary
rather than competitive. As these relationships become more common,
a logical question is likely to arise about whether university credit
should be offered for completion of CPM curriculum. Through looking
at the various partnership relationships of CPM programs offered in 25
jurisdictions, this paper focuses on whether each CPM program offered
university credit, and if so, what its rationale was for doing so, what its
criteria for offering that credit was, and what the institutional
relationship between the program and universities that accept its CPM
program credit looked like. Results show that all programs reviewed
are either currently offering credit or plan to in the future based on
varied criteria and relationships with universities. Linking CPM
programs to university credit could have an influence on the quality of
curricula and instruction to make CPM programs a more integral part of
graduate education.

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