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Is there Life Before the CPM? Pre-CPM and Related Noncredit Certificates in Public administration

PAQ, Vol. 28 No. 3, (2004)

The Certified Public Manager (CPM) program has attracted
some attention in the modest published literature on noncredit
continuing education in public administration. However, this body of
scholarship has not paid comparable attention to noncredit certificates
affiliated formally or informally with CPM programs and awarded in
the process of earning the full certification. This article presents results
of an exploratory survey of these noncredit certificates. The results
indicated that about a third of all CPM programs offer at least one midpoint
certificate prior to a student┬ęs completion of the full certification.
There were wide variations in titles, duration and price of the pre-CPM
certificates. On the other hand, these certificates usually focused on
required workshops rather than elective ones, on grading and on
elements of pedagogy besides classroom attendance. Eight noncredit
certificates in general public administration were not formally linked to
CPM, but about a third of them had an informal relationship to the local
CPM program, permitting the transfer of some or all of these workshop
hours toward the full CPM certification. The results of this exploratory
research indicate that this little-known phenomenon of pre-CPM
certificates and other noncredit certificates that often have links to
CPM may be emerging as a component of the CPM process and,
therefore, might deserve a higher profile from pedagogues.

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