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The Perceived Value of Manager Participation in the CPM Program

PAQ, Vol. 28 No. 3, (2004)

Is the Certified Public Manager (CPM) program just “feel
good” release time from the demands of the job or is there actual
change in behavior that results from the program? This paper proposes
to test the belief that education and training result in better management
and administration by measuring the results of the Arkansas’ Certified
Public Manager training/education program. In a mail survey with a 30
percent response rate, approximately 80 percent of program graduates
endorsed the overall program and indicated they commanded increased
knowledge and skills in leadership, management development and
program planning and evaluation since completing the program.
Agencies who send managers to participate in the CPM program can
expect to reap the intangible benefits of better management. In
addition, implementation of the project plan that participants are
required to complete as part of the CPM program typically saves the
agency in excess of $6,000. The typical savings more than offsets
registration fees of $2,175 per manager to complete full CPM
certification in Arkansas.

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