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Asian American Employment in the Federal Civil Service

PAQ, Vol. 28 No. 4, (2005)

How is Asian American employment in the federal bureaucracy
different fromotherminority employment?DoAsianAmerican employment
patterns differ substantially? This paper examines the ways that agency
types, occupational structure, and grade levels (especially the SES) are
related to Asian American employment patterns in the federal service.
Findings indicate that Asian Americans tend to be doing much better than
other minorities at every grade level except the SES.While all minorities
are severely underrepresented at the top levels, the drop-off in
representation of Asian Americans at the top levels is so much more
dramatic than for other minority groups. Occupational structure, however,
does not appear to be related to underrepresentation ofAsians in the senior
executive positions. Further, Asian federal civil servants are likely to be
overrepresented in certain regulatory, distributive, and independent
agencies, where other minorities are underrepresented. The Senior
Executive Service (SES) also shows similar trends as other grade levels
with regards to agency types.

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