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Dotted Lines: Networks, Quantum Holism, and the Changing Nation State

PAQ, Vol. 29 No. 4, (2006)

Borders and the nation-state model are increasingly under
stress. This article demonstrates how networks and network structures
are currently holding the nation-state model together while some asyet-
unknown future model of collective action develops. Networks are
particularly useful at helping to overcome three acute problems
associated with the nation state: (1) the internal clash of interests, (2)
system externalities, and (3) synergy dysfunction. In keeping with a
quantum, holistic view of reality, borders are best viewed as dotted
lines on our maps. Another way to state this argument is that networks
and network structures may now be viewed as constructs to help
societies maintain the belief that national borders are still meaningful
although for numerous specific policies these borders mutated or even
disappeared long ago.

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