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Up the Boland: A Crisis of Disengagement

PAQ, Vol. 30 No. 1, (2006)

The central purpose of this article is to describe what the
authors term a "crisis of disengagement." A crisis of disengagement is
defined as the unwillingness of a person, group, or organization to
change a chosen course of action, which while initially desirable, is no
longer clearly supported as a wise choice by incoming data and
feedback. In fact, new data may suggest that continuation along a
current path may actually be detrimental to the welfare of the person,
group or organization in question. Given this prospect, why are
persons, groups and/or organizations so remiss about giving up a
particular course of action in the face of conflicting information? This
article strives to address this question through a discussion of the
events surrounding a recent salmon fishing trip made by the authors to
the Boland River in Ontario, Canada.

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