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Not as Easy as It Sounds? Delivering the National Integrity System Approach in Practice – The Case Study of the National Anti-Corruption Programme in Lithuania.

PAQ, Vol. 30 No. 3, (2006)

The article takes forward some of the issues deriving from the
Transparency International concept of the National Integrity System
[NIS]. The NIS is a framework approach developed by Jeremy Pope
when he was with TI that proposes assessing corruption and reform
holistically. The NIS not only looks at separate institutions, or separate
areas of activity, or separate rules and practices, but also bases its perspective
on institutional and other inter-relationships, inter-dependence
and combined effectiveness. It provides a framework for the development
of comprehensive country-wide anti-corruption plans.
This article assesses the NIS approach in the light of the main
themes raised by two research studies into the NIS in practice – one
funded by the Dutch Government and the other by the UK Department
for International Development – in some 40 countries, involving 18
countries, including transitional countries.
One such country – Lithuania – is used to illustrate the NIS in
practice and, in particular, issues concerning the delivery of an NIS in
practice. The implementation of the Lithuanian anticorruption programme
is used to assess how easy or difficult it is both to deliver a
comprehensive reform process that reflects the purpose of an NIS in
practice and to implement its core components. Such issues should
inform the nature of the support provided by donor agencies and also
what expectations other transnational agencies may have of transitional
countries as they seek to implement an appropriate and integrated
framework to address corruption. Overall, the use of the NIS is seen as
a useful framework within which to assess corruption and deliver reform.
Seeking to implement a comprehensive programme without the
use of such a methodology or framework does create issues of effective

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