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Manuscript Submission

Public Administration Quarterly publishes original work. Manuscripts found to plagiarize previously published work will be rejected; this includes manuscripts that make substantial use of ‘redundancy’ (i.e. self-plagiarizing – the extensive use of authors’ previous work) may also be rejected. Please see PAQ's ethics guidelines for more information.

Manuscript submission

Manuscripts must be submitted electronically for review at http://www.editorialexpress.com/paq. Submission implies a commitment by the authors to publish in the journal upon acceptance; manuscripts may not be submitted while under consideration by any other journal.

PAQ strives to return a decision on submitted work within 5 weeks from acknowledgement of receipt of the manuscript. Multiple rounds of revision and review may be necessary before a final decision can be returned.

Preparing a manuscript for review

Manuscripts and accompanying material must be submitted as PDF files.

All manuscripts submitted for review should be double-spaced with standard fonts and margins and formatted according to APA style guidelines. Citations and references should also be formatted according to APA guidelines.

Tables, figures, and graphics should be inserted in the place they should appear in the text rather than as an appendix.

In-text notes are discouraged; if they are necessary, they should be inserted as footnotes, not as endnotes.

Manuscripts should include:

  1. Title;
  2. Abstract of not more than 150 words;
  3. Keywords;
  4. Text;
  5. References;
  6. Appendices or other end matter if needed.

A title page should be submitted as a separate document and should include:

All author identifiers must be removed from the manuscript before submission.

Preparing an accepted manuscript for publication

Manuscripts should be submitted by email to the journal editor as a Word file.

Manuscripts should follow APA style and citation guidelines.

Margins must be set to the following:

Note that all tables, graphs, figures, etc. must also fit within these margins. Insert figures into the body of the article. Please do not insert figures as a picture or object. If you must do so, please email the raw figure as a separate file.

Include information for each author – full name, institutional affiliation, contact information, and a short biographical statement.

All credited authors must complete and return a publication contract. Contracts may be completed online at paq.spaef.org/contract.